The male drone makes contact with the queen bee from above, midair. He places his thorax on her abdomen, straddling her 200 metres above the ground level. He then tightly clasps her with all his six legs and the couple flutters their wings to stay on air.

The narrator on the National Geographic documentary playing on TV had the usual documentary style baritone voice.

Virgin Mary, Krishna, Shiva, Kali in bright pink and blue attire are all rotating on the fan’s wings with their tongues sticking out. Are they making fun of me?

“Dude, seriously! What the fuck are you watching?" Sam strutted towards the couch while smoking a joint. His voice was gruff and loud but he ambled sideways incoherently. Sam was spending the night at Aditya’s.

Aditya unmindful of Sam carefully loaded powdered ‘ganja’ neatly in a straight line on rice paper and gently rolled it back and forth until the greenish brown powder mixed with tobacco was evenly dispersed and cylindrical in shape. He looked very confident at this craft and maintained a smug smile all through. After inserting a filter on one side, he tucked and rolled up the back half of the marijuana cigarette and sealed it by licking the side that was pasted with glue.

Aditya lit up the joint with a phoney smile, took a lengthy puff and reclined lazily on the couch.

“Come watch this, you will love it," Aditya waved his hands towards Sam who had already settled in the corner of the room, with his arms around a pot that had ‘warli’ tribal designs painted on it.

“This large eyed drone bee has just successfully attracted a virgin queen bee which was on a nuptial flight in search of male company."

Both Aditya and Sam looked intently towards the TV.

“The drone’s penis is designed to eject a large quantity of semen with considerable force and speed. His penis is held internally and during mating, the organ is turned inside out and inserted into the queen. Using the claspers at the base of its penis he grips the queen tightly. He successfully inserts the penis by contracting its abdominal muscles that effectively inflates the penis and in a quick motion enters her opened sting chamber. The sexual intercourse is explosive, semen is blasted through the queen’s sting chamber and one can actually hear a ‘popping’ sound. After this, the drone becomes paralyzed, flipping backwards as he ejaculates. The ejaculation is so powerful that the queen quickly closes her sting chamber thereby rupturing his penis. The bulb of the penis is broken off inside and the queen releases herself from his grasp but retains the left over penis inside her vagina as a ‘mating sign’. She flies away to mate with another drone after an intercourse that only lasted for five seconds, leaving her mate dead falling on to the ground. She will mate anywhere between 15 to 4o males and retains their penises as souvenirs."

Aditya sprang up and burst into loud laughs. He continued to laugh rather hysterically in a way that mocked Sam.

“Machaan, this is so much like your story da," Aditya was rolling on the floor laughing with saliva drooling from his mouth. “Now after you and Alex, Charu can give blow jobs to 38 dudes," he continued laughing deliriously. ‘Ganja’ was heightening his emotions and sustaining the expressions.

There was no response from Sam yet. He sat at the corner taking quick puffs looking at the ceiling with an amused expression.

“Why is the ceiling turning into a kaleidoscope? It is rotating anti-clockwise with the ceiling fan at the centre. The yellow smoke is definitely adding colour to the much needed blankness. Virgin Mary, Krishna, Shiva, Kali in bright pink and blue attire are all rotating on the fan’s wings with their tongues sticking out. Are they making fun of me?"

Sam was seeing psychedelic visions. He was talking loud, so he thought but Aditya did not hear a word.

“The kaleidoscope is turning clockwise, sorry anti-clockwise. Can it move in two opposite directions at the same time? There is a girl showing her bare back. Her hair is long and flowing. Her skin is spotless. She is totally nude. Who is she? There is no colour. Everything looks sepia."

“A lightning strikes through the head of the girl and she explodes. Everything looks black and smoky. Oh there she is. Her face down and tresses covering her face."

“Wait a minute. It looks like Charu’s breasts. I have seen them. They are perky and soft. Is that Charu? Oh my god it is Charu. What is she doing in there? Why is she naked? Why don’t I see her face?"

“The images are flickering now. Aditya, where are you? Why is Charu not showing her face?"

Aditya did not hear him.

“Oh yes, she is slowly lifting her head. Charu I miss you! I really do. I am so sorry."

“She has such big eyes; eyes that look like the eyes of the queen bee, big round compound eyes with its antenna menacingly long. The mouth looks slimy hairy. Charu has the head of a bee? She is coming closer. It looks scary and disgusting. A long protruding slimy tube sticks out of her mouth. It is sharp at the ends. Smaller claspers sharpen the tube which now looks like a sting. She opens it wide and strikes me on my head. Oh my God. She struck me! Bloody shit. Blood is oozing from my face."

What is wrong with me da? I am smart, intelligent, handsome, athletic, wealthy; still girls don’t stay, what is going wrong?

“Oh I am being slapped now, I am being slapped hard."

Now Sam was panic stricken, wailing and shivering on the floor. Sam cried out loud.

Aditya gave him two tight slaps to get him back from his hallucinations.

Sam continued wailing.

His third slap fell like a thunder and that shut Sam up completely.

“Think you are completely stoned." Aditya removed the joint from Sam’s mouth. Sam looked dazed and stared at Aditya briefly.

Aditya pushed him to the wall and placed a cushion for his back to rest. He continued to smoke but sat next to him.

“Fuck you Charu! I am going to fuck your happiness. Wait and watch," Sam yelled at the ceiling.

Sam closed his eyes and wiped the drool and tears from his face.

“Why is it happening to me always da? First it was Priya, now Charu," Sam whined.

“I agree I was a dork sometimes with Priya. But she loved me, I loved her. She was at least honest about how she felt about me. I miss Priya, I should not have broken up with her. I pushed her."

“What is wrong with me da? I am smart, intelligent, handsome, athletic, wealthy; still girls don’t stay, what is going wrong?’

Aditya gave him a condescending look and laughed.

“But Charu is a different person. I know she has some issues. There is some problem deep in her personality. But I really love her. I really do. And it hurts when she doesn’t show my kind of commitment."

“I so miss her! You know she is so pretty, she has the perfect figure, perfect ass, perfect boobs and a seductive face to die for."

“Machan, she sucked my dick and threw me out like I was some prostitute. How could she do that?"

“Am I that bad?"

“I love her da."

“I know it’s all because of that Alex bastard. He would have seduced her, he is my first enemy. I am going to fuck his happiness. Who the hell does he think he is? How dare he snatch away my girlfriend? He might be a professor, but he does not know what I am capable of."

“Aditya, mark my words, just ten days, ten days, I will expose him. He will be expelled from the college. Wait and watch."

“So what happens to Charu now? If she comes back to you, which I doubt she will, but for argument’s sake she does comes back, will you take her back?" Aditya probed Sam. He seemed to enjoy Sam’s misery.

“I love her Aditya. I miss her. But she has to realize that she cannot play games with me anymore," Sam replied.

“You know what would I do, if I were in your position?" and Aditya took a long drag, “I will accept her, but will make her realize the pain of betrayal. She has to be taught a lesson. You can’t be a chicken. Then she will never respect you. She needs to know that she can’t mess with you. She can’t treat you like a revolving door."

“So, what will you do to make her feel the pain?" Sam wondered.

“Give her sex torture for start. C’mon she needs to become your slave. She needs to know that you are her master. All this talk about equality between boys and girls; men and women, is all bull crap. Girls can never be equal to men. Read the Old Testament, Quran or the Manu Shastra. It is written so clearly. Females are dependent from birth till they reach the grave. Nature has been mean to the poor male drones."

“When you start thinking that they are equal they will sit on your head and reverse the equation."

Aditya’s treatise continued, “Charu is a sex addict, I tell you. And all her feminist bullshit is all a mask. She is not interested in a relationship, she wants to have sex with many men like the queen bee," and he laughed hysterically again.

“What do I do? I am so confused. I love her, I am physically attracted to her," Sam became emotional again.

“Sam, it is time you change the script. Take control. You are a handsome and smart guy. You just don’t know what your strengths are. I know so many girls who are after you, but you are stuck up with that bitch. I am sorry. But I can’t see you like this. Yes, you need to teach Alex a lesson too."

“Maybe you should rape that bitch, then piss on her, video record the whole action and YouTube it, then other girls will also get the message," Aditya’s deceitful eyes turned red.

Sam stared at Aditya’s rage motionless and confused.

“Aditya, I never realized till date, how much you care for me da machan."

Sam took a longer puff, put his head down and kept staring at his belly button.

“Oh my god, I have a paunch now? This is so wrong, how can this happen to me," Sam cried again.