How do I handle a relationship on the rebound?

Some background, some drama

Broken heart? Check. Feeling betrayed? Check. Prove to your ex you have moved on? Check. Jump the bandwagon and find yourself in a brand new relationship? Check. Need an ego booster relationship? Check.

Rebound relationships happen all the time. Sometimes they're too short, sometimes they're therapeutic and sometimes they're damaging. .

Do’s and Don’ts

Every person deals with a relationship break-up and a rebound one in his/her own way. Of course, there are no golden rules established. Either enjoy it till it lasts and realize that it may not be a long term one. Take it easy and play along. Enjoy your singlehood and avoid the traps of rebound relationships. Wait for the real deal.
The “How Do I" series tries to list down a few Do’s and don’ts to guide you and help you if you are in a relationship on the rebound.


  • Listen to and trust your instincts. For the most part, with a rebound, you kind of have to focus on doing whatever feels right. If you think something meaningful will be best, go for it. If you just want something casual, that's fine too. If you decide a fling is the best way to go, then do it up – just be careful!
  • Talk to close friends or relatives who may be able to guide you. Get feedback from people you trust.
  • Be open with the new person you are with.
  • Be respectful and discreet if you do discuss your ex.
  • Be positive and work towards developing qualities which may help you be a better partner.


  • Don’t hide your intentions from your new partner. Don’t lead him/her on if you are only interested in a short term fling and not anything serious.
  • Don’t close your mind that a rebound relationship may have the potential to develop into a mare meaningful relationship. Love grows out of the most unsuspecting places.
  • Don’t get into one for taking revenge on your ex. You would be destroying at least three lives, including your own.

Last words

Rebound relationships happen. Accept them. But be aware, smart and tactful in dealings with such relationships so as to not endure heart breaks again. Sometimes, the “get back out there" advice may be much wiser than the cautionary warning, “don’t get involved again too soon!"

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