Sam’s face burned crimson while blood oozed from his menacing lips. The long and curvy horns protruding from his bald head locked together throwing up fiery plumes. He gnashed his teeth in rage which created deep furrows in his forehead.

His arm that resembled a tree lifted the mighty sword in a slow and steady action while his mouth roared in anger. A slender figure stood trembling a few feet before him. Only a silhouette was visible, but it was most definitely a girl.

Sam took few steps backwards which revealed his muscular torso on the screen. His chest looked dangerously chiseled and the steely blue armour glowed reflecting the raging fires around. The armour had large holes in concentric patterns very contradictory to its purpose. His right arm was more visible on the flickering LED TV screen. His biceps looked weighty and a small thrust could have destroyed an entire army of minions in a single brush. He was holding a dark long mighty sword double his size. The sword was textured like the skin of a black King Cobra but its edges were sharp and glistening. The fires and smoke blew behind him creating mini twisters that were spinning out of control.

Sam applied circular pressure with his right thumb on the analog stick of the Sony Playstation 3 controller that made his arm rotate clockwise on the TV screen in front.

His arm that resembled a tree lifted the mighty sword in a slow and steady action while his mouth roared in anger. A slender figure stood trembling a few feet before him. Only a silhouette was visible, but it was most definitely a girl. She stood dumb struck completely vulnerable to the death pledge of the blood thirsty beast. Her features looked familiar to someone Sam had known intimately." Why was she not trying to escape? Who is she?

The fires burned with higher intensity every time Sam flicked the front triggers of the game controller. Now he aimed his sword directly at her waiting to charge at her.

He roared as if hell had broken loose and threw the mighty sword towards the silhouette to annihilate her. The sword got magically sucked in by the dark figure which then disintegrated into million pixels. “Was she a ghost? Was that a shadow?"

“Sam did you see this?" Aditya asked from behind.

Sam was still trying to decipher what had happened in the game.

“This is huge. Sam, are you listening?" Aditya slapped Sam’s head and stuck an ipad before Sam’s face.

“Yes I did," Sam replied curtly.

Both of them had passed out after smoking marijuana the earlier night. Aditya wore a confused and sleepy expression on his face but tried to make sense of the situation. He was shaken after he saw Charu’s post on Facebook but was surprised at Sam’s balanced composure.

“So what do you plan to do? I am surprised at your calmness," Aditya sounded agitated.

Sam suspended the game and sat back on the sofa. There was silence in the room.

“I saw her post in the middle of the night. I was not able to sleep since then. Wanted to play for a while to divert my attention but the more I played the more I became agitated," Sam said nervously.

Aditya noticed that Sam looked angry but paranoid too.

“Why is she behaving this way? What have I done? I don’t think I said anything wrong for her to write something so mean, nasty and all in public for everyone to see," Sam said worriedly.

Aditya rolled a joint and offered it to Sam. Sam stayed motionless but looked straight into Aditya’s eyes.

"We should teach her a lesson. Something that would make her repent her entire life." Aditya said.

Thank you Aditya for reminding me about my priorities. I need to get back at Charu. She needs to feel my pain.

“Did you say we?" Sam asked and smiled.

“How can you smile at this time?"

“If I were you, I would have whacked the shit out of her," Aditya said in an agitated tone.

“You seem to be angrier than me," Sam asked, “Did you have a crush on her?"

“What crap?" Aditya retorted.

Sam did not wait for his reply, he headed towards the toilet. The door to the toilet had a paper mache mask of a Bengali woman’s face with large fish shaped eyes. Sam stared at the mask briefly.

“Have I seen this mask before? Or am I imagining it?" Sam wondered. After a brief chuckle he said, “Charu does stare sometimes like this. Yes, that night at the library she stared at me exactly like this before we kissed."

He pushed the door inward, walked towards the closet and sat on the toilet seat. Sam reclined his head behind, closed his eyes and took a large puff from the joint and held the smoke inside much longer than usual.

A dark brown house lizard with whitish curvy lines on its tail slowly crawled across the wall opposite where Sam sat. Though the lizard was relatively small it stealthily ambled towards a fly. It would take at least two to three minutes before it could cover the distance before the final attack. The yellow incandescent bulb from the lamp shade sprayed a spectrum of light between yellow and ochre like a map that the lizard could follow. Sudden successive rocking sounds distracted the lizard which stopped in its tracks and looked at Sam who was pleasuring himself. The lizard made a loud chirp ‘tchik tchik’ and continued to gape at him.

Sam stopped fondling inside his pants as soon as he heard the lizard’s calls. He breathed a deep sigh and bent his head down. Sam was going through an emotional turmoil which he was trying hard to avoid and escape. The marijuana added fuel to his fiery mood swings and he wept like a child. He cried his heart out for few minutes. Aditya could not hear him from outside as the music from the game was loud.

Later Sam moved to the wash basin, threw water on his face and stared at himself in the mirror. Suddenly like a maniac he slapped himself hard. His light pale skin turned red at the rage he unleashed on himself. “Phadaar," another one, which came in louder and heavier pushed him leftwards. He took a deep breath to compose himself. Sam crinkled his eyes and zoomed in closer to the mirror. He looked determined and in control now.

Sam closed the door to the toilet at such speed and force that forced the mask to fall on the floor. He continued towards the couch and grabbed his shirt and marched towards the exit.

“Where are you going?" Aditya interrupted him.

“I am going to kill her," Sam retorted, “Isn’t that what you suggested?"

“Yes, but not quite literally. C’mon get a grip. You need to do something that makes her cringe publicly that she should run away from college completely humiliated. I definitely did not mean murder and then what, you go to jail?" Aditya said mockingly.

Sam’s anxiety was very evident with his heavy breathing. He pressed his right palm and fingers on his forehead and moved it slowly towards the back of his head in a manner that reflected his indignation.

“So what do you want me do?" Sam asked.

“Alright, here is what we do. How about we set up a tiny camera in Alex’s apartment, record their dalliance, edit it and put it up on YouTube? When the dean and the college get to see, it is going to get pretty ugly," Aditya said and chuckled.

“That is one hideous plan. I like it," Sam agreed and paused, “But how do we pull it off?"

“You are the geek. Come with the to-do list," Aditya said.

“But how do you get into Alex’s house? We might need to fix at least 2 to 3 cameras, an uplink system that perhaps uploads the video on the cloud," Sam elaborated.

“What cloud?" Aditya interrupted.

Sam stared at him for a few seconds, “Aren’t you doing software engineering? Cloud computing means running an application or storing data in a network of computers connected virtually through the Internet."

“So in this case, the videos that are captured by the cameras will be uploaded onto a virtual server through the Internet. Then we would download the videos on our computers and edit them later."

“The most important challenge is, setting up the Internet connectivity for the video upload without being conspicuous," Sam said. He seemed to be playing at his home ground and looked composed in comparison to his nervous state, few minutes back.

“What if we set up a camera phone? That way we can record and upload using the same instrument," Aditya suggested.

“Smart idea, but still there are many complications, but definitely a good idea to experiment," Sam agreed,

“Thank you Aditya for reminding me about my priorities. I need to get back at Charu. She needs to feel my pain. She will have to be publicly ridiculed. She needs to cry. She will then come begging to me."