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My novel, “The Story of a Suicide” releases today.

Yes. And I am terribly excited.

A young person decides to commit suicide. Who is this person? Why does he/she want to die? Where do they come from? Why are they upset, depressed and torn apart? And what drives them to it? Does he/she really die?
Stories of school and college students committing suicide have become an everyday thing. It is scary to say the least.

Today’s youngsters are expressive, self-absorbed, independent, afraid, hurried, fearless, fame hungry, but surprisingly resilient. In a world that makes unreasonable demands on them, many are disillusioned about their education, relationships, jobs, sexuality, bullying, and abuse.

Me and few of my friends have come together to tell the stories of youth in a new but unconventional way. It is video, text, music and art, a format we think would excite today’s young person.

In the background of a powerful story and visuals, this project aims to reach out to young people, by verbalising their struggles through the story, informing the do’s and don’ts when they face challenges, and providing a platform to share their experiences.

Reading the novel is simple. Go to and follow the links. You can read the novel on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone. You can also listen to the novel by clicking on the play button under the Audio book. Each chapter also has a set of “How do I?” on various questions that trouble them.

Let me assure you that this novel is gripping and definitely engaging. It is that kind of a novel where you may want to stay-up-all-night to finish it.

It took us three years and eight months to complete this project. And it couldn’t have been possible without my friends Mansi, Tanya, Ghana, Surya, Vedanth, Raghav, Hema, Kirti, Uday, Sitara, Mukesh, Anshul and Kirrat of Youthkiawaaz who have all contributed generously with little or no personal benefit.

Can I ask you a favour? Will you read and give me your feedback?

You can start with this video.

Sriram Ayer



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